NBA Bets: ATS Coverage and Consistency

Today I wanted to take a look at NBA teams ATS (against the spread) percentages and consistency scores to see if there is a logical and analytical way for fans and bettors to understand which teams are making people money.

Few things before I share the stats:

– ATS% is the rate at which teams cover against the spread

– Consistency score (pulled from is based on the game-by-game variation of team efficiency. The higher the score, the more inconsistent the team is

– This is a consolidation of various stats and my own personal analysis

Best Teams ATS

Worst Teams ATS

Based on these stats, there are a few observations I’ve made:

-The Mavericks might be the riskiest team to put your money on. They never cover the spread and are INCREDIBLY inconsistent. Paired with their poor margin of victory (0.7) and I would never trust these guys with my money.

-The Rockets are straight up consistently bad and based on these stats you can always assume their opponent will cover the spread.

-All Miami Heat games are up in the air.

-The Thunder are consistently beating the spread. They came into the season being considered a bottom-tier team, but now they are on a hot streak so I would assume the spread won’t be as generous for them.

-The 76ers have been playing some strong ball and they are a good team to consider for potential blowouts.

There’s always subjective analysis to consider when betting but monitoring these stats have helped me this season.

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