NBA Draft – Stock Watch 3.0

Stock Up

Taylor Hendricks – UCF

I have been lower on Hendricks as a prospect just because I didn’t buy the idea of Hendricks being able to sustain his elite play. But I’ll admit that I was wrong. Hendricks has always been a terrific spot up shooter but he has been showing off his off-the-dribble skills and I love it. Paired with his size and athleticism and he is a borderline lottery pick.

Kobe Brown – Missouri

Kobe Brown has turned into a stud this season. Brown’s previous seasons have been ugly solely for the fact that Missouri has been pretty bad, but now he’s on a tournament team and playing at an extremely efficient rate. I would love him as a second round pick for a team looking for toughness and skill at the 4 spot.

JJ Starling – Notre Dame

Starling has been a bright spot for a struggling Notre Dame squad this year. The 5-star freshman has started to adjust to the physicality of college basketball and has put out two games in a row of 18+ points and 6+ rebounds on STRONG efficiency. We’ll start to see Starling get first round projections and I am here for it.

Stock Down

Kel’El Ware – Oregon

I’ve been pretty high on Ware all season long because of his length, athleticism, and potential skills. But his minutes have been dwindling on an average Oregon squad. That definitely has to be a cause for concern for NBA scouts.

Dillon Mitchell – Texas

Mitchell has elite athleticism… but that’s about it. He’s a 6’8″ pogo stick that can’t shoot or play off the bounce. In a league where you have to have some skill, I worry about Mitchell’s ability to contribute. He’ll need to be put in a situation where he can develop over a couple of years.

Keyonte George – Baylor

The absolute hardest prospect to grade for me. George has games where he drops 30 and looks like a future All-Star and then he’ll go ahead and drop a dud the next two games. His aggressiveness is amazing, which is perfect for a shooting guard, but it takes him 25 shots to get to 25 points. I imagine George will become more efficient once he gets to the league but geez that shot selection is rough.

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