Under the Radar Draft Prospects

Every single contending team in the NBA has 3&D players that make the right play at the right time. When looking towards the draft this summer, there are plenty of guys that have what it takes to become one of these players some day.

So, today I wanted to go over three of my favorite prospects who have high role player potential in the NBA as it relates to bringing smart, efficient, and gritty play. These guys all have different traits that I believe will help them not only make it to the NBA but succeed as well.

Reece Beekman – Virginia

The 6’3″ guard does a little bit of everything and then some. Beekman has a beautiful stat line of 9.7 PPG, 5.1 APG, 3.1 RPG on 44/45/84 shooting splits. That alone has to catch the eye of NBA scouts but when you watch Beekman play you notice a few other things. First off, he’s a dog on the defensive end, which is no surprise at all considering he plays for Tony Bennett. Additionally, Beekman has a mature game as he makes the right reads and doesn’t force anything. All these attributes will make Reece Beekman a sought after prospect come draft time.

Trey Alexander – Creighton

Traits for days with Alexander. The 6’4″ guard can play both on and off ball, and with his long arms and fluid athleticism the potential as a strong 3&D player is there. Alexander has made the jump in his sophomore year with his scoring and 3 point shooting with 13 PPG on 44/39/82 shooting. My favorite part of Alexander’s game, besides the potential, is that he lets the game come to him and doesn’t take any bad shots. That is an underrated translatable skill that will stand out to NBA scouts. Paired with his reputation as a elite perimeter defender and you have an intriguing prospect.

Jaylen Clark – UCLA

I get strong Bruce Brown vibes with Jaylen Clark. Clark is the type of guy you stick on your opposing teams best player and not have to worry much after that. Clark has upped his play this year with 13 PPG, 7 RPG, and almost 3 (!!) SPG to go along with his solid 48/33/71 shooting splits. Clark is a team-first player who will hustle and play to his role. Some team will pick up Clark in the draft this summer and they will immediately benefit from his unique skillset, even if some of his play doesn’t show up in the box score.

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