Stock Rising Draft Prospects

Jacob Toppin – Kentucky

6’9″, insane athleticism, strong handles, and improved shooting. Jacob Toppin is turning into a legit prospect during his senior year at Kentucky. He has a strong pull up jumper, can rebound and bring the ball up the floor, and has the defensive versatility to guard 1-5. I’ve had Toppin on the outside of my top 60 but his stellar play recently has to have scouts thinking he is skyrocketing to maybe an early 2nd round pick. In his last 5 games, Toppin is averaging 14 PPG, 8.5 RPG, and 2.6 APG on strong efficiency and high usage for a 4-man. Look for Toppin to start popping up on draft boards.

Riley Kugel – Florida

Kugel has only recently shown potential as a draft pick THIS YEAR. He has NBA level athleticism and shot making ability as a future starting shooting guard in the league. The 6’5″ 210 lbs. freshmen has been on a TEAR recently scoring averaging 20 PPG, 3.5 RPG, and 1.6 APG on strong efficiency in his last 5 games. I believe that Kugel could get drafted this year, but his best opportunity to become a high pick (even lottery pick) could come in the 2024 draft where he can explode his sophomore season at Florida.

Sidy Cissoko – G-League Ignite

A lanky presence on the wing, Cissoko has improved greatly over the course of his season with the G-League Ignite. At 6’8″, this swingman has the length and athleticism to impact the game without scoring which should help Cissoko get playing time early on in his career. Cissoko has improved his jumper this year (shooting 35% on 4 attempts/game from 3) and has the form to be a consistent threat on the perimeter. Pairing that with his frame that could handle more weight, Cissoko could be a steal in the late 1st round range this year as teams are ALWAYS looking to improve those wing positions.

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