Indiana Pacers Draft Targets

I’m a huge fan of how the Pacers have been built and I personally believe they are only a few smart moves away from being a strong up-and-comer in the Eastern Conference. Below are some draft targets that I think fit the current construction of Indiana and where they could land them in the draft this June.

Jarace Walker – Houston

If the Pacers end up with a pick in the 5-8 range, and Walker is on the board, then this is a no-brainer in my opinion. Walker would bring a physical presence to the 4 spot next to Myles Turner while also adding underrated skills. Playing on the #1 ranked Houston Cougars, Walker knows how to bring the fight and play with a chip on his shoulder – something that should be enticing to Pacer fans. He has also been displaying spot up shooting and off the bounce scoring – skills of his I believe will explode in a more open court in the NBA.

Maxwell Lewis – Pepperdine

A long, smooth, and skilled shooting guard, Lewis would bring depth and potential to the Pacers. I would imagine Lewis would be a target with the Cavaliers or Celtics pick that Indiana holds, and it could be a steal. Playing on the below average Pepperdine squad has scouts hesitant of his insane stats, but even then, Lewis’ efficiency has been off the charts. In the 20-30 pick range, I believe the Pacers will be looking for depth on the wings, and Lewis is a high reward prospect right there.

Kris Murray – Iowa

Murray has been projected anywhere from 10-30, which gives me reason to believe that he could end up in the range of the Cavs or Celtics pick, opening up the door for the Pacers to select Murray and have a solid stretch-4 on the roster. Murray isn’t going to be an immediate starter and scoring option like his brother is in Sacramento, but he will provide solid production that can be huge for a team like Indiana who is looking for more depth at the 3 and 4 spots.

Taylor Hendricks – Central Florida

My under-the-radar pick for the Pacers, Hendricks could blossom into a star as a stretch 4 in Indy. I currently have Hendricks as a fringe lottery pick, which would mean the Pacers would have to target him with their own 1st rounder, which will be a top 8 selection in the draft. Hendricks has the length, athleticism, and scoring ability to become a very strong contributor for an NBA team. The question is how long his development would be considering he is just a freshman at UCF and he wasn’t expected to be ready for the NBA this quickly.

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