Top 3 Point Shooters in 2023 Draft

You can never have too many 3 point shooters on your team, right? Below are my top 10 snipers in this 2023 draft class. Some of these guys will make an immediate impact their rookie years. Check it out below:

1. Brandon Miller – Alabama

Miller is hands down the best shooter in the draft. His stroke is extremely repeatable and he rises so high on his jumper that he can get an open look whenever he wants. Miller is going to be an elite scorer at the next level.

2. Gradey Dick – Kansas

Dick is your typical sharpshooting wing that can spot up and run off screens. He brings solid defense and ball handling skills to the table, and will always impact winning at the next level.

3. Brandin Podziemski – Santa Clara

Super efficient on high usage, Podziemski has the game to step onto an NBA court and knock down shots. As one of the best rebounding guards in college basketball, Podziemski is a safe pick at the end of the first round/early second to provide strong play.

4. Julian Strawther – Gonzaga

Strawther is a 3&D player that is a perfect bench piece with is shooting. Playing on an offensive-oriented team in Gonzaga has allowed Strawther to develop into this athletic shooter that we see today – traits that are intriguing to NBA front offices.

5. Taylor Hendricks – Central Florida

Elite potential as a 3/4 man – Hendricks has a solid jumper that pops off the screen. Pair that with his length and athleticism and he is a lottery pick.

6. Jordan Hawkins – Connecticut

This wiry 6’5″ shooter has an NBA level jumper. Hawkins gets great elevation which is huge at the NBA level coming off of screens and DHO. Hawkins might take some time to adjust given his slight frame, but he’s got the right mentality to succeed.

7. Colby Jones – Xavier

All-around player – Jones has the potential to become an elite spot up shooter for an NBA team. Jones is a dog on the defensive end and plays within the flow of the offense. An absolutely solid pick in the back half of the first round.

8. Brice Sensabaugh – Ohio State

Wired to score and get a basket, Sensabaugh is one of the most efficient scorers in the country with his unique skillset and frame. His ability to shoot off the bounce and spotting up is great considering his extremely high usage in his freshman season.

9. Jett Howard – Michigan

Howard is going to bring high-level shot making to an NBA team in the mold of Michael Porter Jr. as a big wing who is elite from the perimeter. A smooth stroke and high basketball IQ will allow Howard to always contribute.

10. Kris Murray – Iowa

Similar to his twin brother last year, Kris Murray has great potential as a solid role player that can step onto the floor and hit down open shots. His usage has been sky-high at Iowa this season, so it will be a breath of fresh air for him as he takes on a simpler role in the league.

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