Top Low-Usage Shooters in the NBA

I love a good old stats query to find some trends/unique players and how they help their teams. One I recently ran is the top 10 players by TS% who are considered low usage (less than 10 FGA). Below are the results:

  1. Austin Reaves – 66.2% TS%
  2. Isaiah Joe – 66.0% TS%
  3. Josh Green – 64.8% TS%
  4. Gary Harris – 63.6% TS%
  5. Luke Kennard – 63.0% TS%
  6. Terance Mann – 62.8 TS%
  7. Grayson Allen – 62.2% TS%
  8. Collin Sexton – 62.0% TS%
  9. Joe Harris – 61.6% TS%
  10. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 61.5% TS%

These guys know how to score without high volume attempts – which is a huge indicator of being a strong role player.

Now, for some fun, I want to rank these guys based on my own personal opinion. I believe impacting the game in other areas besides shooting is huge, which is a big part of my thought process when doing these rankings.

  1. Austin Reaves
  2. Collin Sexton
  3. Grayson Allen
  4. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
  5. Terance Mann
  6. Josh Green
  7. Gary Harris
  8. Isaiah Joe
  9. Luke Kennard
  10. Joe Harris

I think Austin Reaves is the no brainer #1, while 2-8 could be up for debate based on criteria, while the bottom two are clearly Luke Kennard and Joe Harris who provide little to nothing outside of shooting. I love the ball handling of Sexton and the defensive impact from Allen and KCP, while Mann does a little of everything, Josh Green is a bulldog, Gary Harris a solid presence, and Joe a certified sniper. You can’t go wrong with any of these guys!

What would your rankings be? Let me know in the Twitter comments!

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