March Madness Draft Risers

Jordan Walsh – Arkansas

I’ve been high on Jordan Walsh all season long until fairly recently where inconsistent output and playing time were making me think Walsh would return to Arkansas for a sophomore season. Now, after bringing insane defense and utilizing his athleticism and length on the offensive end, Walsh is turning heads and picking up steam as a solid 2nd round draft pick.

Walsh doesn’t have off-the-bounce creativity on the wing, but he has a solid handle and improved shooting stroke that you can envision as a plug and play type of player at the next level. Pair that with his energy and athleticism and you have a great piece as a young developing talent.

Amari Bailey – UCLA

Amari Bailey has shown that he can get buckets with the best of em’. Stepping up for a UCLA team that lost one of their most important players to injury in Jaylen Clark, Bailey looks to have shed any freshman jitters and turned into a go-to player for the Bruins.

Averaging 16.6 PPG, 5 RPG, and 4.3 APG on 57/33/82 shooting over his last 3 games shows great improvement and all-around play at the most important time of year in college basketball. Bailey is only 19 years old, and with his ability to create off the dribble, some team will 100% take a chance on him in the 2nd round and hope that they strike gold with this young talent.

Jordan Hawkins – UCONN

Hawkins has always had the label as a 3 point sniper, and his performance this weekend has shown that and then some.

With the ability to come off screens, spot up, and pull up, Hawkins has shown his versatility as a perimeter shooter – which is HUGE skill for NBA players. With this versatile shooting package, Hawkins will be able to come into the league and find open shots almost immediately as he won’t be just a spot up shooter but a guy that you can draw up plays for.


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