Top Final Four 2023 Draft Prospects

The Final Four isn’t what anyone expected, but it’s still been a hell of ride to watch and the excitement remains the same. There aren’t any elite draft prospects but there are plenty of players who can make an impact in the NBA someday. Below are my top 3 prospects in the Final Four that will (most likely) be in the 2023 draft.

Jordan Hawkins – UConn

ELITE 3 point shooting is the most translatable skill from Hawkins. But what I love the most is the versatility of how he takes these 3 pointers, whether it be spot-ups, off the dribble, off screens, or handoffs. This ability to hit a high percentage (38.5%) of 3’s with a perfect stroke and lift on his shot is what makes me believe that Hawkins will be one of the best shooters in the NBA within the very near future. And at 6’5″ with above-average athleticism, Hawkins will have enough juice on the defensive end to get PT early on.

Pro Comparison: Isaiah Joe

Draft Range: 20-35

Andre Jackson – UConn

His stats don’t wow you but his impact on the game pops off the screen and it could be argued that Andre Jackson is the engine of this UConn team. Jackson impacts the game in a number of ways with absurd athleticism and ability to get to the rack. He can grab rebounds better than 95% of wings and can play make and defend with the best of them. To summarize, Jackson is a Swiss-Army knife. The one (and it’s pretty big) downside of Jackson is that he is a pretty bad shooter. If he can improve this area, then Andre Jackson is a GAME-CHANGER in the NBA.

Pro Comparison: Bigger, worse shooting, Alex Caruso

Draft Range: 35-50

Jordan Miller – Miami (FL)

If you wanted to design an ideal 3&D player, it would be Jordan Miller. He is long (6’7″) and can guard 1-4, has active hands on defense, has a smooth stroke and hits at an efficient rate, and doesn’t force anything on the offensive end. In my opinion, Miller can slide onto any NBA roster and provide solid contribution next year. The one downside of his game is that he’s 23 years old already, but if you are a team in the back half of the 2nd round then you aren’t searching for a star but instead role-players who can make an impact – which is exactly what Miller will be.

Pro Comparison: More fluid Torrey Craig

Draft Range: 40-Undrafted

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