Kentucky Basketball Transfer Portal Favorites

Below are some of my favorite transfer portal options that Kentucky has been mentioned to having interest/communication with. Now, there are other, and arguably better, players in the portal but they haven’t been reported as being in contact with Kentucky so it would be a waste to discuss them right now. Regardless, if Kentucky can add these three guys then I would be feeling really, really good going into next season.

1) Kel’El Ware

If Kentucky is losing Ugonna Onyenso then they HAVE TO pick up a stud center in the portal because the team will most likely end up with only Aaron Bradshaw and Lance Ware as sure-things on the roster. Going after Kel’El Ware is my dream for this team as it would have two 7-footers roaming the court together in Bradshaw and Ware who both have shot-blocking abilities, shooting touch, and elite athleticism. This would be the most Cal-like frontcourt we have seen since the KAT and WCS days and I would be ecstatic for it.

There have been concerns about Ware’s effort and consistency, but if there is anyone that can get Ware playing at his hardest, it’s John Calipari. Check out some of these highlights.

2) Dalton Knecht

Knecht is a three-level scorer from Northern Colorado and he does it with skill, athleticism, and body control. Knecht fits the mold of a wing that can go get a bucket in this Kentucky offense, similar to guys like Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro in the past.

I think Knecht is the perfect option in the portal for Kentucky, regardless of returning/incoming players. But lets say Chris Livingston, Antonio Reeves, and CJ Fredrick all leave then Knecht could step in as a 25 minute player at UK – and that has to be appealing.

3) Puff Johnson

The reception of the Puff Johnson/UK connection and interest has been pretty negative so far but when you look at it as Johnson coming in as a 7th/8th man on the depth chart then I would consider it a huge win for Kentucky.

Johnson’s stats haven’t been the best but his effort, basketball IQ, and theoretical shooting would be a huge lift off the bench for 10-15 minutes a game – not to mention his experience could be perfect for the young freshmen coming in.


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