LG Hoops was founded with the purpose of offering basketball professionals a state-of-the-art data analytics platform to develop valuable insights. The founder of LG Hoops has held an unwavering love for basketball since childhood, and as their knowledge grew, so did their passion for the game. What started as a fascination with watching games quickly transformed into a deep dive into statistics, projections, and assessments. Every team and player had a unique story to tell, and the founder of LG Hoops was eager to uncover them all. This relentless pursuit of basketball knowledge fueled a lifelong hobby and sparked a desire to explore new avenues within the sport.

Initially a way to pass the time during slow work periods, LG Hoops has evolved into a passion project that has surpassed the founder’s expectations in terms of reach and impact. Through its comprehensive data analytics platform and active presence on social media, LG Hoops has provided a space for professionals to develop deep insights and utilize them on a larger scale. The founder of LG Hoops is excited about the connections that have already been established and remains dedicated to unlocking the platform’s full potential, no matter how high it may be.

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