LG Hoops was created with the mission of providing a platform for those who are passionate about basketball to write and share their unique ideas, opinions, and perspectives. The founder of LG Hoops has loved basketball for as long as he can remember and has only found more reasons that solidify this feeling as he has grown and learned more about it. Watching games as a kid quickly turned into researching statistics, projections, and draft picks. Each team and player had their own story to tell, and the founder of LG Hoops wanted to hear all of them. Keeping up with the world of basketball became a permanent hobby for him and has sparked his interest in pursuing other ways to explore this.

LG Hoops, which started as a fun way to kill the time when work was slow, has turned into a full-blown passion project that has already reached more people than its founder could have anticipated. Whether it comes to conversations about college basketball, the NBA, or the G-League, there are people everywhere who have something valuable to contribute. Through its blog and Twitter account, LG Hoops has been able to bring different fans together and give them a platform that has helped their ideas reach people across the world. LG Hoops’ founder is excited to see the connections that this site has already fostered and is dedicated to seeing LG Hoops reach its full potential, however high it may be.