• NBA Draft Big Board 6.0

    NBA Draft Big Board 6.0

    A Few Notes: -I’ve never been a fan of the inefficiency from Keyonte George and Nick Smith Jr. So I have officially moved Kobe Bufkin and Jordan Hawkins past them on my big board as I believe Bufkin brings more playmaking abilities and Hawkins is the most versatile shooter in the class. -We are seeing… Read more

  • LG Hoops Advanced Metric 1.0

    LG Hoops Advanced Metric 1.0

    I have been playing around with Python (a programming language) and data manipulation tools to create my own LG Hoops advanced metric. This is my first version of my own metric which utilizes machine learning and theories such as ‘random forest’ (an algorithm technique) to project the overall value of each player. The stats leveraged… Read more

  • Top 30 Players from 2021 & 2022 Draft Classes

    Top 30 Players from 2021 & 2022 Draft Classes

    I decided to take on a fun little exercise of ranking the top 30 players from the last two drafts, and I gotta tell ya, it was incredibly difficult. The talent level of today’s NBA is so deep and it’s only getting crazier with guys like Jaden Hardy and Cam Thomas not even being top… Read more

  • DNA of a Champion

    DNA of a Champion

    This NBA season has been an enigma. Words like disjointed, unpredictable, sporadic, inconsistent, thrilling, and chaotic merely scratch the surface of the season that has unfolded. A revolution of offense has swept through the league, culminating in scoring reaching unprecedented heights, emblematic of the generational individual talent on display. The NBA’s gravitational pull is a… Read more

  • 2022-23 Charlotte Hornets Recap: The Diamonds in the Rough

    2022-23 Charlotte Hornets Recap: The Diamonds in the Rough

    Loss after loss. Injury after injury. The Charlotte Hornets season was not what you expected it to be at the end of the 2021-22 season. As last season came to an end, things were looking up for the Hornets. After losing in the Play-In Tournament for the second consecutive year, it seemed as if the… Read more

  • Favorite Success Stories of 2022-23 Season

    Favorite Success Stories of 2022-23 Season

    This year has been filled with breakout players and guys who have seized their opportunities – whether it be second chances in the league or getting a crack at rotation minutes and immediately ballin’. The below guys have caught my eye all season long and deserve some serious praise and respect for the work they’ve… Read more